What is Let’s Build?

Let’s Build is designed to help you successfully and thoughtfully grow your startup whether it’s just an idea, you just hired your first employee, or you’re ready to sell. 

One of my favorite parts of leading my venture studio is chatting with my team and our studio founders about my experience, their struggles, and current trends in the industry. Let’s Build brings those water-cooler conversations to you, no matter where you are. 

In my late teens, I immigrated to Alabama from Lagos, Nigeria. 23 years later, I sold my company for over $1 billion, one of the largest exits on record in the state. My journey to success included a number of challenges, roadblocks, and even complete failures along the way. Let’s Build will take what I’ve learned and help you avoid those pitfalls while enjoying the process of scaling without sacrificing the things that matter to you. 

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As a basic subscriber, you’ll get a weekly roundup of my latest publicly available content all in one place.

With a paid subscription, you’ll also get a weekly post on a quarterly focus topic, like “Taking Your Startup From 0 to 1,” “Leadership During an Acquisition,” and more, so by the end of the quarter you’ve got the basics of the topic down.

Paid subscriptions also give you access to exclusive audio/video content like the “Let’s Build” podcast, recordings of speeches, and more.

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